Who is behind the Zombie

I managed to get an interview with the famous Abeesea Zyx, author of The Friendly Zombie. A most agreeable man who lives in the Peloponisian subcontinent Southwest of Haida Gwaii.  The author dwells in a comfortable cabin amid majestic apple trees.  Although internationally known for his originality and his profound compassion for the human race, Abeesea remains humble.  His left eye expresses the gentleness that you would expect from someone who has reached a high level of spiritual wisdom.  The right eye, I don’t know for it insistently squints toward the nose.  As we exchanged niceties, he kept rubbing a one hundred dollar bill between his fingers which proves that in spite of his enlightenment he is keeping a close tab on material matters, thus the $299.99 for his book.  But I still think my ebook: The Cat Did It for $2.99 is a fair buy at one cent a chuckle.

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