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Thank you to all of you who have written to share your comments on my book!  Below are a few of the most recent emails and reviews I have received from you, my cherished readers.


A short follow up since I finished this book, but did not realise I had not completed my review.  Ever since reading the last word on the last page of this fun book, I have been waiting for a follow up from Claude.  Something is brewing, I can feel it, and I know it will be just as much fun to read as this one was.Nobody can predict the twists in the plot that these 2 grand ladies go through with their cat.  And it isn’t even their cat, really.  Still it caused mayhem, danger and, most importantly, hilarious belly rolling laughter.It also has a very neat, and delicate human touch to it.  I love how all the characters get their little stage at the end, as if it deals with all unfinished business before ending. Well done Claude, and thank you for a most entertaining read.  Please, pleaeaeaease give us another one, soon!
Kees Bijker Sofia, Bulgaria
Just finished reading, “The Cat Did It”.  Wonderful!  I loved it, and hope you are writing another one.  I want to hear more from her escapades.  I am in my 70’s and I think it is great for us seniors to have a role model!  Do you have any new books coming out?  One of our local writers, Jim Ainsworth, clued me in to your book.  He loved it also.
Barbara Brown
I started reading early one morning not knowing what to expect from a genre I do no normally read. Low and behold, I could not put it down until it was finised later that day as I became hooked on the plot, the characters and needed to know the whole story in one read. A great story which keeps you riveted until the end. I can’t wait for the next book from this author!! A pleasure to read, keep them coming and thank you for sharing your amusing stories.
Monique P. Quebec, Canada
[testimonial company=”Creysse, Lot, France” author=”Roderick Low”]This is such a satisfying book for me. It blends perfectly the three things I want from a novel – a crackingly good and thrilling story, some original humour, and self-effacing wisdom and philosophy which stem from living a long life of useful self-reflection. Claude Beccai is a real writer and she deserves wide recognition.

Even the device of hanging every event from the beginning of her encounter with a cat is handled with great skill. Sometimes whole chapters of our existence – even the direction of our lives – stem from a seemingly inconsequential event, in this case the adoption of the main character by a determined feline. Anyone who has ever befriended a cat knows it is never the other way about. Cats are always in control.

But this is not a story about a cat. It is about a character called Clara. More particularly, it is about the agelessness of us all if we have the wit to open our eyes and appreciate that life is by no means over until it is over. Clara is ‘of a certain age’ and rather down on her luck. I suppose we’d have to say she is depressed. She is living alone, chronically poor and intelligent enough to appreciate the gridlock life has put around her. But then the cat appears, closely followed by Cynthia, the cat’s appreciative owner, who is everything Clara is not. She is wealthy, feckless, eccentric, surrounded by strange, interesting friends and grateful enough to invite Clara to lunch. Had things gone according to plan, Clara would have looked back with satisfaction on probably the best meal she had ever eaten. But the pleasure is abruptly terminated before the dessert is served by a murderous attack by gunmen. Good news: the two friends escape. Bad news: their escape is spotted by the gunmen.

So begins a “cat and mouse” chase across Western Canada, during which the heroine of the story visits a cabin she thinks she owns, falls in love, gets married (but not to the same person), becomes a drug mole, befriends Amero-Indians, inherits a lot of money, learns to paraglide, and rescues Cynthia from herself more than once – but not necessarily in that order. And we never really know for sure how it all ends.  

Ms. Beccai is a wonderful writer and an inspiration to those who ever assume new experiences belong to the past.[/testimonial]

I really loved this book–it surprised and delighted me. I got so involved with the story that I had to take a moment to return to my own life whenever I put it down. This story feels real, even through the most outrageous events as two very different women take on a most unusual adventure. Sometimes reluctant, sometimes enthusiastic they make their way through the turns and twists of the tale. You can’t help but experience the protagonist’s adventures and musings as though they were your own. Funny, philosophical,well written and also a captivating mystery tale which makes you want to keep reading far into the night.

Who would have thought being an old gal and a loner would get Clara into so much trouble. Sometimes I wanted to shake her and at other times give her a protective hug. A wild adventure with many twists and turns and an ending true to a spirited Clara. A fun read.

Jim Washington, USA

Unfortunately I cannot read your book because my wife grabbed it and is now laughing hysterically every time she picks it up. I shall not let her read it twice.


I loved this author’s style of writing – quirky, funny, with witty asides that had me laughing out loud. And I loved Clara, the elderly dame narrating this story of drug-running and hoodlums. Clara’s life was stuck in the boring ‘now’ of penny-pinching and suspicion of strangers. Her awareness of ‘then’ – the past – is an avenue she does not wish to go down. But the arrival of a wandering cat leads to witnessing a murder, escape to the backwoods and the discovery of new friends who may or may not be on the side of law & order. Through these events, ‘then’ links up with ‘now’, and leads to ‘after’, the future she can ultimately begin to contemplate. It is a very clever, original, and entertaining way of telling Clara’s story – and it kept me up late at night because I couldn’t stop turning pages. ‘The Cat Did It’ is a roller-coaster ride that kept me laughing all the way!

”Ann ”Hampshire,
I loved this book. And I don’t want to ruin it for anyone by giving anything important away… and I won’t… The book is character driven, and Beccai draws real characters, and puts them in real environments, and moves them to real environments they are not accustom to… and they deal with it… in real ways. Her characters have nothing to do with each other, and yet… they have everything to do with each other… The interaction is magic. If you are an old timer at heart (and I am at heart and body) you will be willing to pay extra for the hard back version because it is one of the traditional well bound well stitched books. A younger person might settle for the e-book version (which I did not get).

Michael Louis Minns Houston, Texas
Hi Claudia,

I  wanted to tell you that I’ve just finished reading your book. I thought it was a highly entertaining story and very funny in parts.  I laughed out loud in the part where Clara comes out of the outhouse in her nightgown with a shot gun to confront Tony–too funny!!  I was also laughing when she tried her hand at being a mule.

The character development was excellent and the plot kept me interested right up until the end.  I couldn’t wait to find out how it all turned out.  I felt as though Clara was a friend by that time and I had developed a soft spot for Cynthia. I really enjoyed the story!

You are obviously a woman of many, many talents, Claudia.  Congratulations on your achievement!

With admiration and respect,


This is, according to the author, British Columbian cosy. I like niche genre; you never know what to expect. This book is distinctive in many ways. I love the protaganist’s voice – what’s not to like about a pensionable, morally pragmatic, paragliding, compassionate, drugs-mule. The other characters are equally paradoxical: the trustworthy hoodlum, the sugar and grit of Cynthia. I enjoyed the wry hilarity: ‘a sense of humour is the sign of a sage’ says the book. I’ve a feeling this author is something of a sage. There’s a rounded savouring of life, an intense enjoyment of the now, but also a fascination with life’s narratives which must involve thens and afters.

Read and enjoy.

Ana Somerset, UK

A truly captivating book. I loved the entire cast of true to life characters. The way these characters with such diverse backgrounds started to care for each other gave a feeling of hope for the human race in real life. People really can get along in spite of their differences. My only disappointment is that the book ended. I would love to see a 2nd book with a follow up of the characters.

Sue P. Montreal, Canada
Never wanting to put a book down because you want to know what the next scenario or moment is going to be, describes The Cat Did It. I really enjoyed the multi generational storyline as told by the wily and experienced Clara.Clara lives on the West Coast of Canada and I like how she moves from Vancouver to Prince Rupert and back in her escape from the hoodlums. The adventure is fun to follow because of Clara’s wisdom in getting out of trouble, and is why I found the read to be delightful. I used a lot of my smile muscles being entertained chapter after chapter.
”Glen ”Vancouver,
Oh what fun it was to follow Clara around on her adventure! Just when you thought she’d had enough excitement for one day, the story takes another twist. I couldn’t put it down, and definitely didn’t want it to end. A great read!
Wanda Dumas
Excellent mystery story. Bought many more as Christmas gifts. I would recommend it to lovers of mystery stories. One of the best books I’ve read in ages.
Vivien Swonnell
Through Clara’s experiences triggered by the visit of a cat, I found excitement, amusement, joy, sorrow, suspense, reflection, information and so much more. What a story!!  I enjoyed everything in it.
”J. ”Miami,
I started reading this book not knowing what to expect, and I found myself having a hard time putting it down.  I loved that the protagonists were older women who were taken on this wild adventure!  I felt like I had taken a trip up and down the west coast of Canada by the end and lived a great adventure.  The characters were colourful and the story was captivating.  Definitely worth a read!
Dominique Hogan
Claudia Beccai’s writing is amusing, creative and a good promotion of the senior citizen who is both a bit batty and loveable, as well as one who gets things done in her own unique way. I very much enjoyed reading her inaugural novel, “The Cat Did It.”
Gayle Moore-Morrans British Columbia, Canada
This is a great read; it’s captivating, whimsical, witty, funny and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. There are pearls of wisdom and gems in how the main character interacts with people.
Kevin Canada
The story takes you in many different kinds of situation. It is hilarious at times, scary at others, moving at others but the action moves at such a pace that you have no time to dwell on any one emotion. In between, there is some very interesting information about British Columbia, the First Nation citizens’ situation and, and… All of it being part of the story.It is a special book and I enjoyed it thoroughly from cover to cover.
I just finished reading the ending of your story for the second time.  When I read the last page the other night, I don’t think I really got it but this morning, I got it.  I don’t know if I really got the true meaning of the ending but my heart sank in to my stomach as I read the last paragraph.  Regardless of what the intention is, I must say BRAVO for keeping me on the edge of my seat right up to the last minute.  Yup, you definitely evoked an emotion for me with that last paragraph.  I’m smiling but yet have tears in my eyes.  Outstanding!
Sonya Rodier Montreal, Canada
I thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Clara and the gang.   It’s very exciting.  To me it feels like the story could go on forever and secretly that’s what I wish because I’ve become very attached and fond of all the characters.  I love them and I love the story!
George Bernier Angers, France
A vivid, edge of your seat journey that promises to keep you guessing till the end.
Frederique Bramble Brisbane, Australia
I loved this twisted tale.  I love the story and how the unlikely relationships develop becoming so endearing.  Makes me look forward to the adventures in my life to come!  Curl up, have a full cuppa and settle in for some fun.
I want to congratulate you on your story.  I think it’s fabulous!
P. Kempt Hamburg, Germany
The Cat did it” is a lot of fun to read.I enjoyed it to the end;it is full of twists and turns. Well written and full of humor and philosophy of life.Great book.
Christine G.



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