Diarrhoeic Genesis

In the beginning there was a Big Clean Nothing smaller than an invisible pinhead.  There was peace, non-existence, timelessness, darkness.  As it happened that Big Nothing was very lonely and felt depressed, compressed, constipated you might say.  So soon it started to rumble, growl, feeling agitated and all of a sudden it farted, only once mind you but a Huge Fart, a Big Bang, you might say, almost bigger than my grandfather, if I had had one, could have pulled out of his ass in his retirement home under the snickering of his non-hearing challenged lady cronies.

That’s how the Big Nothing manifested its constipation and became a Big Something full of twirling galaxies, myriads and myriads of fiery stars, black holes, neutrinos, protons, quarks and strings but mostly Black matter.  A big unclean-able mess!  The attending staff gave up and went to a body to register for welfare compensation and food stamps.

So among all the multiverses we ended up with a Universe all our own.

more to come….

  • Hahaha, missed this last time. I am not sure I prefer this one over the other unclean-able mess some people believe in but certainly a lot funnier, and real to life.

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