The Cat Did It


Claude Beccai’s new book, “The Cat Did It” was published this August (2012) and is now available for purchase.  Go to the “Where to buy” page to purchase your copy.

It is an exhilarating tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering what happens next…

To read an excerpt of the book, click on the book cover!


Through a chance encounter triggered by a stray cat, two elderly women are on the run. Rogue witnesses to a violent crime, Clara, a cantankerous opinionated loner, and Cynthia, an enthusiastic socialite, team up to evade psychotic murderers as well as the police. Along the journey, on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, Clara meets people who definitively shatter the protective shell she had created around herself. Forced into this adventure kicking and sometimes screaming, she must learn to open up and realize that she still has an important role to play in the world around her in spite of and/or because of her age. She might not have fast legs but she certainly can largely compensate with her wagging, outrageous and sharp tongue. Unconventional, funny, scathing, but also gentle and even sexy at times she bites into life with an energy and gusto that could challenge that of women half her age.

About the cover image

Diane Skinner Rajotte, the owner of the cat who appears on the cover of “The Cat Did It”, writes the following about Mathilda.


While working in Montreal years ago, I had to walk by a pet shop to get to the office every morning. One day I saw this kitten in the window of the pet shop and fell in love with her as I found she had such an unusual face and colouring. The asking price for her was quite high so I waited weeks before I took the plunge and brought her home. In the meantime however, I kept observing her and noticed how good natured she was as she appeared so laid-back compared to the other kittens.

Mathilda brought me years of joy cuddling on my pillow every night – she was a very good friend and confidante as she lent an ear to my deepest secrets. I will miss her always.

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