Beware old age is here to stay

I think that old age is not only here to stay, but is going to grow. So we need to relearn how to embrace it creatively. Youth has its perks, with blazing hormones and such, middle age has its downs, but old age has its freedom and will eventually (probably sooner than we think) be something we look forward to as a powerful liberating period of our own life and thoughts. I am meeting everyday many old geysers and crones with a full deck of cards who are joyful, funny and enlightening.My advise to the young: Do not fear old age or wrinkles for yourself the alternative is far less appealing.


  • As the owner of a my own Training and Business Consultancy firm I talk about “balance” all the time; in fact I would go as far as saying that it is my favourite word! There is no such thing as ‘growing old’ in my world! The problem with having a company with solely ‘young’ employees is that there is no balance of life and business experiences for them to share and learn from between themselves.

    I simply adore ‘bright entrepreneurial spirits’ within the workplace because yes they do help keep me young and up to date; but also because they provide me with an outlet for my mentoring and coaching skills. At the end of the day, no matter how ‘young’ or old’ we may feel or be perceived, we should never stop growing and learning; to that end we all need mentors. If we remove the ‘older workers’ from the workplace then we remove the experience and along with it tomorrows mentors.

    To say, think or believe that entrepreneurship is only for the ‘young’ is a complete nonsense. Look at Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame; he was well into his 60’s when he visited over 1,000 restaurants with his unique recipe before somebody said that they would buy it! He made good in the end though, which just goes to prove that entrepreneurship is for any age!
    Yours – the ever young….
    Trisha Proud
    Mother, Wife, Author of the chick-lit novel “Soulmate”, Business Owner of Partners in Solutions Ltd and much, much more!

  • Marta Merajver

    Deep thoughts from a deep woman who plays nonchalant. It’s true, Claudia, every single word of it. Old age brings, above all, the possibility of gradual detachment from issues that were matters of life and death before.
    Proud of being your friend, and grateful that you are mine.

  • Gayle Moore-Morrans

    Love your blogs, Claudia. Have you checked ours out on Ian is the book writer, but I do the blog. Nice to connect with you here as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook and email. Best wishes. Gayle Moore-Morrans

  • Another insight to life we need to be reminded of sometimes.
    Long time ago somebody explained this principle to me as making a snowman. When you are young you roll your little ball around in the virgin snow, and it is fun as it grows bigger. Middle age you are actually pushing it up the hill, to find the best place for the snowman you are going to make. When you are nearing 50, reaching the top of the hill, suddenly things speed up as you are rolling down like an avalanche. The snowman is never built of course but that doesn’t matter, you are not going to stop an oldie from rolling down the hill, that is for sure, you better get out of the way.

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