A friendly Zombie cured my cancer

This amazing book is now available in the best libraries. Masterfully written by the well known author Abesea Zyx, it will be shipped to you free of charge as an ebook for the mere sum of $299.99. The ten page book will blow your mind by its deep insight into your psyche. The author should rightfully be interviewed by Oprah. If this does not work for you outside of making a dent on your wallet...
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Where to find great book reviews and promote your books

As you know, “The Cat Did It” is my first published book and after doing extensive research, I opted for self-publication.  This means that I am mostly on my own to promote my book.  I do highly recommend Friesen Press to anyone who wishes to self-publish.  They have been an incredible source of help and provide excellent service.  They have also been fantastic in advising me in...
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