Camille 1944 - Nobody on Earth knows how to live without wars for too long
If you're a bird don't forget how to fly
Camille 1944 - now available: A seven-year-old girl in Occupied France(WWII) talks.
Claude Beccai

Claude Beccai is an inveterate story-teller.  She has spun yarns since early childhood to spruce up the truth or to give it a twist to capture an audience at odds with reality.  As a long time teacher, her gift to arrange facts has served her well with a broad variety of often reluctant students of all ages, backgrounds and mixed abilities.  Most of her tales have been delivered orally.  



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What readers are saying

This is such a satisfying book for me. It blends perfectly the three things I want from a novel – a crackingly good and thrilling story, some original humour, and self-effacing wisdom and philosophy which stem from living a long life of useful self-reflection. Claude Beccai is a real writer and she deserves wide recognition.  […]


– Roderick Low

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Camille 1944

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